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Advantages - Billing Service

Floating Overhead

The cost of our services “floats” or fluctuates with the volume level of the practice because we only bill you a percentage of the cash we actually collect.

If the practice slows down because of vacations or other factors and reimbursements drop, you don’t have to keep paying the fixed overhead costs associated with doing your billing internally.

  • No billing staff salary, benefits and training costs
  • No reduction in cash flow due to staff vacations or terminations
  • No fixed overhead such as office space and furniture, computer hardware and software, envelopes, postage, and medical billing forms
  • No time taken away from patient care to spend on the endless human resources responsibilities

Medical Service Associates was selected as a finalist for the 2003 American Business Ethics Awards presented by the Society of Financial Service Professionals of Pittsburgh. We are very proud to have been chosen for this honor which recognizes companies that exemplify high standards of ethical behavior. We expect nothing less than the highest standards from our employees, and they deserved this recognition for their effort and performance.



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